Artificial intelligence to improve treatments

This partnership aims at developing an innovative radiotherapy approach, based on artificial intelligence, to better target treatments for cancerous tumours of the liver, thereby protecting the surrounding organs.

In partnership with: Polytechnique Montréal, ÉTS, CRCHUM, MEDTEQ, Elekta and TransMedtech Institute


Therapeutic vaccination

This partnership supports the development of personalized vaccines for acute leukemia. This vaccine acts on two fronts: on one hand, it attacks cancer cells, and on the other hand, it stimulates the immune system.

In partnership with: BioCanRx and The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


An ultra-powerful scanner to optimize brain cancer detection

With the help of many partners, this project supports the development of a highly advanced scanner to allow early detection of brain tumours, a determining factor for better prognosis.

In partnership with: Université de Sherbrooke, MEDTEQ, MITACS, IR&T, PROMPT and Novalgo


Joining forces against cancer

With a 1.5 million dollars contribution, the Cancer Research Society joined forces with Oncopole and its partners, and together invested a total of 12 million dollars to support innovative and multidisciplinary projects in oncology. The goal is to unite the expertise and strengths to be found in the province of Quebec in the field of oncology to have a greater impact on the disease. Over sixty top researchers from twelve research institutions will develop seven highly promising research projects to study lesser-known aspects of cancer.

In partnership with: Oncopole, FRQS, Merck Canada, Génome Québec, IRICoR and CQDM