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In 1945, when Betty Caplan and her friends founded the Cancer Research Society, they had no idea that their actions would allow the Cancer Research Society to provide over $326 million to cancer research over the next 75-years. This was a time when cell phones were science fiction, black and white television sets were the norm, and Neil Armstrong hadn’t yet landed on the moon. Only 25% of people diagnosed with a cancer would survive the disease, and for many it was a death sentence.

Betty Caplan and her friends were trailblazers who believed that research was the key to providing a better future for their loved ones, and they were right.

In 2021, the average 5-year survival rate of all cancers is over 63%, with certain types of cancers exceeding 95%. This feat was only made possible through the dedication and innovation of researchers funded by organisms such as ours. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to continue funding the next generation of scientists like Liis Uuskula-Reimand, Elena Kuzmin, and Amelie Fradet-Turcotte whose work will help us better prevent, detect, and treat all types of cancers.

We need your help to continue funding Young Investigators like them who represent the future of cancer research in Canada.

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