Coeur d’homme

An initiative by Kaïn to benefit

the Cancer Research Society


A Band Dedicated to the Cause

In 2020 Éric Maheu, the bass player of the Québécois band Kaïn, lost his brother following a fierce battle with colon cancer. This life-changing event was the inspiration behind the song “Cœur d’homme.”

The Birth of “Cœur d’homme”

Having all been affected by cancer in one way or another, writing a song as a tribute to those who, like Steve Maheu, fought cancer seemed only natural to them.

“Throughout history, some men fought selfishly to gain territories, while others were simply fighting for their lives and slowly forging resilience. For all the men and women for whom each day represents a new battle, we wanted to offer eternity in the form of a song.”

The song, which appears on “Je viens d’ici”, their latest album that marks the group’s 20th anniversary, is an incredible collaboration between the band members whose voices come together in unison. To broaden their message's scope and reach, Kaïn decided to partner with the Cancer Research Society and contribute to outsmarting cancer their way.

Funds raised for the Society through the video’s release will contribute directly to funding cancer research.

Cancer Doesn’t Take a Break

One in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and the band members know that there aren’t any exceptions to that rule.

“We are all directly or indirectly affected by cancer; no one is immune to the disease. It’s a cause that we hold dear. Kaïn is a band that conveys human emotions and simple messages that touch people, so it was fitting for us to partner with such an important cause.”

Cancer remains the primary cause of death in Canada and one in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Now, more than ever, Canadian researchers need your support so that they can lay the groundwork today for the discoveries of tomorrow.

Over the last 75 years, the overall cancer survival rate has doubled and we need your support for that rate to continue increasing.

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Video: Coeur d'homme

Production: Ludwig & Monroe | Director of Photography: Mathieu Provost | Production: Raphaël Chauvin | Colorization: Jean-Marie Boissonneault

Actors: Emmanuel Auger, Steve Veilleux, Éric Maheu, John-Anthony Robinette-Gagnon, Jacob Lacelle, Thomas Lacelle

MRI: Isabelle Azoulay St-Joseph IRM | Boat rental: Joel Petit | Chalet rental: Nicolas Cazelais & Marie-Pier Cham | Chef: Jean-Philippe Cloutier

Song: Coeur d'homme | Songwriter: Éric Maheu | Record company: Musicor | Record producer: Productions Martin Leclerc

Be the hero of someone’s story by donating to cancer research.