On Thursday, November 28, the Cancer Research Society held its annual general meeting. It was the occasion to look back on another exceptional year whether in terms of research investment or fundraising. For this occasion, Martin Thibodeau, President of the Board of Directors completed his mandate, after 7 years of exceptional contribution to the fight to outsmart cancer.

« It is with a heavy heart that I am completing my term at the Society, because of my new professional obligations. After all these years, including 2 years as Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am extremely proud of all we have achieved. At the dawn of its 75th anniversary, I am sure that the Society will continue to have an important impact on survival rates related to cancer through the research, » said Martin Thibodeau.

Under Martin Thibodeau’s leadership, the Society has developed unique philanthropic activities and established many partnerships and seen a significant increase of donors across Canada. The Society also saw the beginning of new and highly promising funding programs on cancer research, propelling even further the work of the best scientists of the country.

Martin Thibodeau will pass the torch to François Painchaud who will act as interim chairman in the coming months. « I would like to underline Martin Thibodeau’s the incredible work. His enthusiasm and passion for the cause have been a real inspiration to us all. On behalf of everyone involved at the Cancer Research Society, we want to thank him for his commitment, » says François Painchaud.

Member of the board since 2017 François Painchaud is a career lawyer who was called to the bar in 1986. François Painchaud has been a partner at ROBIC for more than 25 years where he is a member of the firm’s management committee and heads the Business Law group. Renowned for his expertise, François Painchaud is frequently solicited to give lectures and to contribute to various publications.