The Cancer Research Society awards its Scholarships for the Next Generation of Scientists to four young Canadian researchers 

November 8, 2017

Believing in the importance of investing in the future generations, the Society developed this unique program in 2013 to support young scientists at the postdoctoral level to help them transition into a research position in a Canadian university or research center. An independent scientific advisory committee reviewed all applications and chose four exceptional candidates to receive a bursary. Totaling $160,000 over three years, each award includes a one-year fellowship and a two-year research grant once recipients have obtained a position.

In commemoration of its 200th anniversary, BMO Bank of Montreal partnered with the Cancer Research Society to offer one Scholarship to the outstanding candidate in the competition, Wei Zhang, postdoctoral fellow at Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at the University of Toronto. Wei Zhang is working to develop targeted therapies with lesser side effects on cancer patients.

The three other scholarship recipients are:

  • Sarah Crome (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto), whose research aims to develop novel cancer immunotherapies;
  • Andrew Leidal (University of California, San Francisco), who is planning to return to Canada to pursue his project which focuses on developing new approaches to prevent metastatic cancer;
  • Sorana A. Morrissy (The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto), who uses bioinformatics to better understand brain cancer in children. 

Our congratulations to the winners, along with our warmest thanks to our donors and BMO Bank of Montreal for their generosity.