My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was a teenager.


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Gynecological, Breast Cancer, Translational, Clinical and Biomarker Research

Most cervical cancers are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), and that virus releases a bit of HPV DNA into the bloodstream.

Thanks to donors like you, Dr. Kathy Han at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto is developing a test to detect that HPV DNA following treatment for cervical cancer. This easy and low-cost test may help identify patients who need additional treatment, as well as find other cancers caused by HPV.

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The Cancer Research Society funds highly promising research projects undertaken by Canada’s best scientists. Following a rigorous peer review selection process, about 150 researchers are thus able to advance scientific knowledge to improve cancer prevention, detection and treatments, through various funding programs. These programs are based on scientific excellence, support to new generations of scientists, support to promising underfunded research avenues and partnerships with great impact potential. Since its inception, the Cancer Research Society has thus contributed to major advances in oncology, helping position Canada at the forefront of cancer research in the world.

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