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Colorectal cancer

Because it is often detected at an advanced stage, colorectal cancer kills nearly 10,000 Canadians every year. Kirk McManus and his team have identified a new treatment target for this deadly cancer. Indeed, the inhibition of the SOD1 protein could help defeat colorectal cancer for a subgroup of patients. This protein could also be used as a target to treat other types of cancer presenting similar molecular characteristics. Kirk McManus’ team wants to decipher all aspects of the disease, in order to come up with new therapeutic strategies to target and kill cancer cells.

I would like to personally thank each and every single donor, no matter how big or small their donations were. All funds raised have been essential to initiate this critical research aimed at developing novel therapeutic strategies and targets to better treat the disease. Without your fund raising efforts and the donations you provide, my work would not be possible. Through your collective efforts, we are striving to gain unprecedented insight into the disease, so that novel therapeutic strategies can be devised to better target and kill cancer cells

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The Cancer Research Society funds highly promising research projects undertaken by Canada’s best scientists. Following a rigorous peer review selection process, about 150 researchers are thus able to advance scientific knowledge to improve cancer prevention, detection and treatments, through various funding programs. These programs are based on scientific excellence, support to new generations of scientists, support to promising underfunded research avenues and partnerships with great impact potential. Since its inception, the Cancer Research Society has thus contributed to major advances in oncology, helping position Canada at the forefront of cancer research in the world.

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