Scholarships for the Next Generation of Scientists is a Cancer Research Society funding program with the goal of supporting the future generation of Canadian researchers. The award consists of two part covering a period of three years, with no possibility for renewal.

Part 1: 1 year $40,000

The one-year postdoctoral salary award are for a candidate finishing his/her fellowship. The candidate must have completed at least two (2) years of postdoctoral training when he/she will accept the salary award on September 1st .

* Possibility of extending Part 1 of this award for a maximum period of six months. See below for details.

Part 2: 2 years $120,000

($60,000 / year)

The operating grant is awarded once the candidate has obtained a faculty position at a recognized Canadian institution. This grant is for a maximum of two years.

IMPORTANT: Applying for only one part of the award is prohibited.

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key dates

2018 competition

February 2, 2018 Application form the Scholarships for the Next Generation of Scientists is available online

April 27, 2018 Deadline for submitting an application

June 29, 2018 Deadline for Publication Updates

July 2018 Evaluation committee meeting

August 2018 Results are announced following approval by the Cancer Research Society's Board Directors

September 2018 Payments to grantees begin


Forms and instructions

  • Application form
  • Application instructions
  • Commitment form from the University of Research Institute
  • Disclaimer and Indemnity - Young Investigator

Important : Applying for only one part of the award is prohibited.


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