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In 2020, the Cancer Research Society will turn 75! As part of its 75th anniversary, it will award five grants of $1 million each for impactful research projects focusing on some of the deadliest cancers: colorectal, lung, pancreas, stomach, esophageal, gastroesophageal and multiple myeloma.


Total budgetMaximum funding from the Cancer Research Society is $1,000,000/3 years. Additional funds from other sources, either in kind or in cash, are not required for this grant. However, if available, they could be included in the project budget to strengthen an application.

Research PrioritiesProjects must target one of the above-mentioned cancers, and focus on one of the following research priorities:

  1. Personalized medicine
  2. Immunotherapeutic approaches
  3. Overcoming drug resistance

Applicant EligibilityAll applicants and co-applicants must hold an academic appointment at a Canadian university or accredited research institutions.

Competition ProcessApplicants must submit a letter of intent (LOI). The Cancer Research Society will review all LOIs for conformity and quality. Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application. A peer review committee will rank the applications and chose the best ones.

Note All applications must be submitted in English to facilitate peer review by international reviewers.

Deadline for submitting a letter of intent May 15, 2020
Results of the letters of intent Early August 2020
Deadline for submitting a grant application October 7, 2020
Announcement of the results December 2020
Payments to recipients begin March 2021


Forms, reports and instructions


For any questions or support

Lucille Beaudet, Ph.D., MBA, or 514-861-9227, ext 234

Toll-free: 1 888 766-2262, ext 234