Come face-to-face with a world-renowned mountain
The Kilimanjaro climb

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An unforgettable experience and lasting memories await you during this climb of Africa's highest summit

Wide, open spaces soaked in the African sun, mountains and volcanoes gushing out of the ground, prehistoric lakes, animals roaming in the wilderness, vast and furious grasslands as well as endless savannas with scattered acacias and baobabs... Your challenge will take place in this untamed and memorable setting. Kilimanjaro , a world-famous mountain with snow as far as the eye can see, is a prized challenge for thousands of mountaineers every year. During your climb, you'll notice landscapes, flora and fauna straight out of prehistoric times. This expedition is indisputably a voyage to the origins of humankind.





September 29 to October 11, 2018

Duration of the trip

13 days

Level of difficulty



Lodge and Bivouac
Ana Aslanian, Elise Cournoyer Lemaire, Marie-Claude Gagné, Karine Gingras-D'Anjou, Alain Goyer, Kyle Larocque, Chanelle Lavigne, Patrick Lavoie, Gabrielle Marcoux-Carrier, Audrey Martin, Tanya Nowakowski, Rolland Gabrielle, Josée Tremblay

Your journey

Participants meet at Pierre-Elliot .Trudeau Airport in Montreal and fly to Kilimanjaro National Airport, Tanzania with a stop-over in Europe (to be determined). 

Meals and overnight on flight

Participants arrive at the Kilimanjaro National Airport, Tanzania and are welcomed by the local team. After a transfer to their lodge participants will have dinner.

One night stay in a lodge

Dinner included

After breakfast, participants will meet with their local team and guide. The guide will give an information briefing, ensure that all participants are properly equipped for the trek, and porters will weigh participants’ bags. Participants will be given the afternoon to prepare their luggage, if needed purchase any necessary items, and simply relax before the great ascent. 

One night stay in a lodge

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Participants will depart for the Chagga village of Machame where the trek will begin. At the Kilimanjaro National Park entrance, participants will meet their mountain guides and porters and will learn the way the luggage will be carried. From there, participants will walk approximately 6 hours through the dense forest filled with giant fig trees. Along this trail will be an abundance of begonias and other types of tropical vegetation. After a while, the tropical forest will give way to tall grass and giant heather. With some luck, participants may spot some Colobus monkeys or Turacos.

The camp will be set up upon participants’ arrival. 

Elevation: + 1,185 m / Approximate Duration of the Trek: 6h

Overnight stay in a campsite on the mountain

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Should the weather permit, participants will be treated to a beautiful view of the Kibo early in the morning before departure. The day’s trek will take participants along a steep trail through a Savannah of tall grass, volcanic rock and bearded heather. Participants will then enter a volcanic world, with little vegetation, before ending up on the Shira plateau. During this time, they will come across lobelias and senecios. The path here is flat, and it won’t be long before the campsite and porters can be spotted. During the day, Kibo may be shaded, but be reassured that at dusk, it will be illuminated by the lasts rays of the setting sun. In contrast, Mount Meru will slowly disappear behind the pines of Shira.

Elevation: + 790 m / Approximate Duration of the Trek: 6.5h

Overnight camping in Shira Camp, 3840 m

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Participants will be greeted in the morning with stunning views of the Shira plateau. The day will begin with a walk steadily up to the Lava Tower (15,000 ft), and will then descend towards Barranco Camp. Barranco glacier is undoubtedly the most beautiful spot on Kilimanjaro. This enormous canyon is the result of a large landslide over 100,000 years ago. Several small creeks snake from the feet of the glaciers right by the campsite. 

Elevation: + 760 m, - 360 m / Approximate Duration of the Trek: 6.5h

Overnight camping at Camp Barranco, 3 950 m

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

This day serves to help with altitude acclimatization and to reduce the distance from Camp Barranco to Camp Baraf, due to the extreme change in altitude which can result in some participants being sick. The day begins with a walk up the steep “Barranco Wall”, then continues with a hike up and down the slopes of valleys which have carved their way into the mountain’s southern face. 

Participants will reach the Karanga Valley after 3 to4 hours of trekking. 

Elevation: + 200 m, - 200 m / Approximate Duration of the Trek: 6h

Overnight camping on the mountain

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Participants will have another 5hour journey leading them to Barafu Camp. After this full day of trekking, participants are encouraged to turn in early as the next day will be quite long. 

Elevation: + 575 m / Approximate Duration: 5h

Overnight camping on the mountain

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Participants will begin their ascent at approximately 5 am, depending on the group’s pace. 

After a 6 to7 hour hike from the camp, participants will find themselves at the peak - atop one of the highest free standing mountains in the world at19,340 feet above sea level;; the roof of Africa and symbol of freedom for the Tanzanian people. From the summit, it will take approximately 2 to 3 hours   to descend to Barafu Camp for a second night. Participants are encouraged to rest and drink plenty of water.

Elevation: + 1, 265 m, - 1, 265 m / Approximate Duration: 10h

Overnight camping on the mountain. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Participants will continue on their descent until they reach Mweka, the last campsite at 10,200 ft where they are going to spend one last night on Kilimanjaro. A celebratory dinner will be well deserved! 

Elevation: - 1,530 m / Approximate Duration: 4h 

Overnight camping on the mountain

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Leaving camp today, participants will descend through the same type of forest as the one encountered during the ascent. Upon arrival at the gate, participants will have lunch before returning to their lodge for some well-deserved relaxation. In the evening, participants will be treated to a farewell dinner and will receive their certificates. 

Elevation: - 1,270 m / Approximate Duration: 3h

Night in a lodge

Breakfast and lunch included

After breakfast, participants will have a day to themselves to explore and rest before their transfer back to the airport in the afternoon.


Be ready to face your Challenge

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In order to be comfortable throughout your adventure, it's essential to bring the right equipment. The secret is to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body against heat, cold and moisture. Always pack warm clothing and waterproof hiking shoes. You may want to consider bringing along a toque and even a walking stick. Choose a light backpack and carry nothing but the essentials for your journey. Check out our tool box section for more tips and tricks.


Even though the CRS Challenge is a personal experience, it's also a group adventure. Our team of experts will provide you with useful advice and the answers to all of your questions from the moment you register to the moment you return. We have mastered the art of logistics, thanks to our knowledge of the destinations we offer and the fact that we organize several challenges every year, making your overall experience all the more enjoyable.

The Kilimanjaro climb, the experience of a lifetime

Located in Northeastern Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest point. You'll be able to enjoy the flora and fauna of this route which attracts thousands upon thousands of hikers that want to conquer one of the world's most famous mountains. Kilimanjaro is consisted of three volcanic cones, or summits, namely Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. With its peak altitude of just under 6000 meters, it rises well above the surrounding savanna.


The Kilimanjaro climb requires no mountaineering experience or knowledge. Despite the fact that this trek is beginner-friendly, don't make the mistake of taking it lightly. Physical fitness is a must and the mountain's altitude is not to be taken for granted. Please consult our Physical Fitness and Equipment sections in order to adequately prepare for your adventure.

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