About Read for the Cure

Book club members Emily, Christine, Sara and Susan initiated the idea of Read for the Cure in 2006. Their story is one many can relate to: they were all touched by cancer in one way or another. They battled it themselves, or witnessed other book club members or loved ones struggling with it.

They wanted to do something about it.

And so, they harnessed their collective energy and passion for reading to raise funds for cancer research. And so was born Read for the Cure.

Through a valued relationship with founding sponsor and Principal Partner Penguin Random House of Canada Ltd., Read for the Cure is an exceptional series of literary evenings with best-selling authors that aims to raise funds for cancer research.

Proceeds raised from these events support research being conducted on the environmental causes of cancer, which aims to demonstrate how factors such as living and working conditions affect one’s risk of developing cancer and how it can be prevented or detected.

Why should you attend?

Get all the insider details / Learn all about your favorite best-selling authors

Each event features three authors who speak about their work and provide audience members with interesting “behind-the-scenes” details and anecdotes. Did you know that …

Have a bite or two with other book worms

Read for the Cure is the perfect occasion to get together with your book loving friends, for a fun evening on the town!

Go home with 3 new titles to add to your library

That’s right. Thanks to the commitment of our preferred partner, Penguin Random House, you will be able to take home a copy of the authors’ latest releases. So even if you haven’t had the chance to read up on your favorite writer’s book before the event, you’ll be able to catch up soon after!

Raise funds for cancer research

100 per cent of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to funding Canada’s most promising cancer researchers.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the country. There have been some amazing advancements throughout the years thanks to research, but the fight is not over. And we’re not giving up as we truly believe that our best weapon to outsmart cancer is research. And with your help, we can make a difference!

Since 2007, many award-winning authors have participated in Read for the Cure. See here the list of authors who have been part of the Read for the Cure adventure:

Authors & book: 2007-2017 »

The events have been emceed by well-known media personalities such as:

  • Adrian Harewood
  • Carol Off
  • Johanna Schneller
  • Lucy van Oldenbarneveld
  • Eleanor Wachetel


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