truly is power in our fight against cancer.

Just 40 years ago, if you had cancer, your chances of survival were of 25%. That means that 3 out of 4 people diagnosed with cancer died.

Today, survival rates exceed 60%.

More and more people are living with cancer, not dying from it. We’ve got researchers to thank for this progress. Their hard work has opened doors, overcome roadblocks and provided much needed answers to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

We’ve come a

Refining the pap test
J. Ernest Ayre a pioneer in the field of cervical cancer helped to refine and promote the Pap test for women.
Discovery of the first clinically-useful human tumor marker
Philip Gold and Samuel Freedman’s work literally helped shape the modern era of cancer immunology and tumor markers.
The HPV vaccine
Eduardo Franco helped to prove that cervical cancer could be prevented through vaccination.
Stem cells multiplication
Guy Sauvageau discovered how to multiply stem cells to help treat patients with certain types of blood cancer.
Our researchers are working to GIVE YOU MORE TIME

Every day in labs across the country, researchers are trying to find solutions to outsmart cancer. They dedicate their careers to this fight.

At times it can be rewarding, when that Eureka moment comes. But it can also be a long and challenging process that takes time and dedication.